I've got a few videos that you might want to see.

Of course, if you want to buy my stand-up special "My Girls" for $5 then you can by heading here. But here's a few little videos for you to enjoy in the meantime.

PROGRESS ring announcer / warm up chap / co-owner Jim Smallman decides to warm up the crowd for day two of 2016's SSS16 as only he can: finding out why anyone had missed the first day. Contains swears. Full show at More of Jim's comedy stuff at

Here's a clip from my little 2016 stand-up special (and award nominated show) "My Girls". Like it? Buy it! Ta.

Here's me - Jim Smallman - MCing one of the best comedy clubs in the world, Komedia in Brighton ( on Valentines Day 2015. Most of what I do as an MC is improvised, so this is five minutes of me chatting to a guy called Bobby and having quite a lot of fun.